Cobb Tool’s best customers realize that Cobb Tool consistently provides excellent service and competitive pricing.  We are not always the cheapest, but we always deliver good value.

Tom McQuillen, a longtime Cobb Tool customer from Marel, a manufacturer of poultry processing equipment in Gainesville, Georgia, needed a quote. He had designed a production machining fixture and needed a machine shop to make it. Tom has been a Cobb Tool customer for over 17 years, so he knew he could count on Cobb Tool for a fair price and total customer commitment.

Cobb Tool quoted a standard four-week lead-time based on the time required to get the raw materials and the shop’s overall workload.

But Tom’s need was urgent. He needed a quick turnaround for many reasons and had a lot on the line. According to Tom, “I was in a bind. I needed to get our fixture made so we could get it into production fast. This was a high-profile project within our organization.  I knew I could count on Cobb Tool – for their pricing, their work ethic and their commitment to customer service.”

But Tom couldn’t wait four weeks.  He only had a two-week window. He called Cobb Tool and explained the situation. So, Cobb Tool did what it always does to help a customer. They expedited the material, juggled the shop schedule, worked some overtime and delivered Tom’s fixture by the end of the second week. Tom met his deadline and his confidence in Cobb Tool was re-confirmed.