Cobb Tool’s quick turnaround on a tooling project for a local Atlanta-based aluminum extruder and fabricator helped turn a one-time opportunity into a longer-term customer relationship.

The customer, who discovered Cobb Tool from its website, needed some tooled parts for a new fixture they had configured to build some value-add expansion work. They’d had shop relationships supporting previous work, but were looking for greater flexibility, capacity and fair pricing. They found all of it, plus design engineering expertise at Cobb Tool. With a few prints and some on-the-spot adjustments, the first tooling project was finished quickly so the customer could get its project right into production. 

The results were so solid that the customer is doing even more – with some of the work being designed at Cobb Tool from scratch. And that is what the customer needs. As it expands its own value-add offerings with its aluminum clients in the building, construction, automotive and specialty markets, they are becoming a regular at Cobb Tool.