Cobb Tool: Your Source for Precision Machined Parts and Welding Fixtures

Cobb Tool is a full-service precision CNC machine shop in the Atlanta area serving the precision machinery and welding fixture and tool needs of the Southeast and even farther afield. We work with a wide variety of large well-established brands on projects that vary in size or in scope.

Problem Solvers

We produce low- to medium-volume precision machined parts and specialize in designing and building production welding fixtures. We are problem solvers. We are dedicated to delivering parts and fixtures at competitive prices on time, every time.  And we are professional, easy – and most times, even fun – to work with.

Experience with Long Term Customers

We’ve been in business since 1958. We started by building stamping dies and providing tools and parts for customers like Lockheed. We expanded into welding fixtures and jigs in the late 80s with the North Georgia manufacturing surge. Our equipment manufacturing and robotics equipment customers – brands like Kubota, Komatsu and Yamaha – are all still customers today. We are well accustomed to precision machining of small and mid-sized production runs, but are equally capable of manufacturing a dozen unique one-of-a-kind prototypes. While we work with some of the largest manufacturing brands in the world, we also have great relationships with many smaller shops. We have a strong network of relationships with contract designers, welding robot manufacturers and robotics programmers, and even work with a range of regional universities’ engineering schools.


Saving Time, Money and Headaches

We believe that the only way to thrive for more than 60 years in this tough business is to build long-term relationships. Those relationships are based on doing great work – on precision CNC machined parts and custom-designed welding fixtures, meeting deadlines, solving challenging problems and being a trusted adviser. For every project, we work to save our customers time, money and headaches.


Our Reputation – Your Peace of Mind

Our value goes beyond machined parts and welding fixtures, however. We deliver problem-free transactions. You can count on us to supply the parts and tooling your company needs to manufacture its products. We haven’t done our job until you can confidently go to a meeting or provide a report that states that Cobb Tool is on the job – delivering on-spec, on-time and on-budget. Ultimately, at Cobb Tool, our reliability, expertise and experience make your job just a little bit easier by taking one set of worries off your plate.

A well-equipped shop floors with machines to meet our customers’ precision machining and welding fixture needs.

Cobb Tool’s Commitment

I have been in manufacturing my entire career. I bought Cobb Tool in 2001 after a six-month search across the Southeast. Few candidates were run like businesses. They were too dependent on the owner. They weren’t professional, and many seemed to be run out of a shoe box. In contrast, Cobb Tool was a whole company — one with skilled experts in the right positions, and no one person wearing all the hats. Today, Cobb Tool’s experienced staff brings complementary expertise to the table. We are driven by customer satisfaction. And we work every day to make the company more professional and better able to exceed your expectations.”

— Mike Edmonds, President

Location/Contact Information

Cobb Tool, Inc.
5886 Dodgen Road
Atlanta, Georgia  30126
18 miles from the Atlanta airport

To ask for a quote, define your project, or request a consult:


Cobb Tool

5886 Dodgen Road
Atlanta Georgia 30126
18 miles from the Atlanta airport