Precision Machining: Milling and Turning to Meet Rigorous Specs

Successful precision CNC machining – whether we produce a single prototype piece or a large quantity of identical machined items – is a combination of art and science. At Cobb Tool, we are a precision CNC machine shop that brings the most innovative and up-to-date technology, processes and equipment to the table along with seasoned craftsmen who plan, troubleshoot, adapt and deliver parts that meet your rigorous specs and standards.

CNC Machining
to the Measure

One-of-a-Kind Perfection

Production Machining:
Where Uniformity Counts

Precision Machining — From Prototypes to Low/Medium Volume Production

Modern CNC equipment allows us to take your part design from CAD to finished product without risk of human error. If the CAD data sets a part at 37.5mm long, the machine delivers parts that are 37.5mm long. Every time.

It is rarely that simple, however. Most parts require machining on multiple surfaces, at various angles and all with precise dimensions. This is where the art of a well-planned process developed by experienced skilled craftspeople becomes essential. To assure that key features and the relationships between them are precise and meet exacting specs requires a team of engineers and machinists to define the required steps. In some cases that includes designing fixtures to hold parts in place for the various phases of the machining process.

Cobb Tool is adept and low volume production.  If your job requires exacting precision but only requires a quantity of 100 or a dozen pieces – or a single prototype, Cobb Tool’s machining experts are a great resource.

There are also occasions when one-of-a-kind or limited quantity items are more efficiently produced manually. Provide our experienced machinists with a print and some raw material, and they can define the process and produce the part correctly and efficiently.

We invite you to meet our expert craftspeople.

Machines and Technology to Produce Your Part

Machine tool technology is an area of constant improvement and innovation. At Cobb Tool, we strive to keep up with this ever-evolving equipment landscape to assure that we continue to meet the demands of our customers’ projects. Our goal is to update our shop with a new machine each year.

We have three categories of equipment in our shop – and bring one or all of them to bear to meet your specific machining needs.

CNC Milling Capacity

Optimum for volume parts and high metal removal projects

Cobb Tool has seven CNC milling centers. All are connected to our computer network and utilize Surfcam computer-aided manufacturing software for programing complex parts. We have two fourth-axis attachments for multi-sided machining in a single set-up. Our two largest machines can handle parts 30” x 60” x 24” tall, and 25” x 79” x 24” tall. Depending on the part configuration, we can make larger parts through multiple set-ups.

Cobb Tool’s latest acquisition, in early 2022, is a Haas VF-4 with a Renshaw probe. The Renshaw probe delivers fool-proof part/material location and measurement to perfectly align milling placement and process completion. The Haas’s CNC precision with exacting material location from the Renshaw probe deliver a perfect outcome each and every time.

One of the few drawbacks of CNC mills is set-up time. Therefore, CNC mills are best suited for running parts in production quantities, or for machining parts where a lot of material is removed. Once a production part is set up by an experienced machinist, a less skilled and less expensive operator can run your parts, saving time and cost. For parts with a large amount of metal to remove, the machine can be set up and then left to run on its own, sometimes overnight, while the machinist moves on to a job on another machine.


Toolroom CNC Milling Capacity

Optimum for low-volume simple and complex parts

Over the last few years Cobb Tool has invested heavily in this type of machine. They offer many of the same benefits as traditional CNC milling centers, but they are designed to minimize set-up times by using simple conversational computer controls. Whereas a traditional CNC can sometimes take hours to set up, these machines are usually ready to go in a matter of minutes. This makes them ideal for one-of-a-kind or low-volume parts, even if they are very complex. They are also tied into our computer network, allowing transmission of complicated part geometry directly to the machine. This minimizes the chances of operator error and accelerates the programming process.

CNC Turning Capacity

Most effective for volume parts

At Cobb Tool, we employ two Mazak CNC turning centers in our shop. The Mazaks use conversational programming for easier set-up. Even with this technology, like CNC milling centers, these machines still take time to set up. Based on that investment, we use them most frequently for higher volume production parts or parts with a long cycle time. They also are best equipped to create complex shapes and high metal removal projects.

CNC Toolroom Turning Capacity

The optimal choice for prototypes

We also have a lathe that combines the power of CNC control with the quick set-up of a manual machine. We use this most frequently for the creation of prototypes and the low-volume production of simple or complex parts. Cycle times for turned parts on this machine are often a third to half of the time it would take to make the same part manually. With a simple conversational control, we can quickly program a complex part. As a machine ideally suited for making one-of-a-kind parts, it has become a customer- and shop-favorite.

Manual Machines – Milling and Turning

Capacity for Quick Touch-ups or Oversize Parts

Cobb Tool’s manual machines allow us to add finishing touches on parts, perform steps that might be impractical on our CNC equipment, or just squeeze in a quick job. We also have a boring mill that can handle parts as large as 60” square. Our range of manual lathes gives us the ability to handle parts up to 32” in diameter and 120” long.

When a Line Shutdown Threatens

“Late production parts. A missing vendor. Challenging specifications. A line shutdown seemed inevitable. Cobb Tool to the rescue. I am a customer for life.”

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