Recently, a customer called Cobb Tool about making a change to a five-year old fixture to accommodate a new design. Our team recalled that this had been a complicated, somewhat fragile fixture to build – accommodating the Arkansas-based customer’s specific needs. To make sure we knew what we were getting into, we made the trip to Jonesboro to see the fixture for ourselves and to talk with the customer first-hand. We were curious – to say the least – to see what impact five years of grueling daily production had had on this fixture. To our great delight, other than some scraped paint, the welding fixture was in terrific condition. And to top that off, conversations with the customer team – from the welder to the plant manager – revealed that our tooling had significantly improved productivity on their business. With that as a solid starting point, we have updated the original fixture with specifications for their new model. And the customer is considering a second fixture to meet their growing capacity needs.