Even when a manufacturer’s test parts used for a fixture testing and simulation were “irregular” and not to specifications, Cobb Tool’s ability to roll up its sleeves and trouble shoot saved the day – and the customer’s production schedule. 

A Pennsylvania-based material handling equipment manufacturer recently inquired about Cobb Tool’s capabilities. They were looking for fresh approaches, along with added capacity. They had a tight timeline and knew their parts for this project had a lot of “variation.” They asked for a face-to-face meeting to talk engineering. Based on a solid presentation, some straight talk and demonstrated experience with a similar fixture application, Cobb Tool got the assignment on the spot. 

Cobb Tool needed to take an existing design, make improvements and upgrades – and turn around the fixture in 12 short weeks. All was on track until their engineering team arrived with the test parts for the final inspection. Nothing fit. However, it turned out that the fit problem was in the test parts – they didn’t match the specs. But the deadline and production needs weren’t changing. Luckily, Cobb Tool knows its stuff. They modified the prototype parts that were not to spec, called in a favor to get an inspector to the shop to assure the modified parts were right … and met the testing process with flying colors. 

The customer’s engineering team was even able to head back to their plant early.  But not without first acknowledging Cobb Tool’s ability to overcome obstacles, demonstrate its skill, and showcase its commitment to both excellent and on-time work.  With repeat projects coming in now from the client and its other divisions, Cobb Tool knew it had made a good impression.