In 2013, Cobb Tool built a robotic welding fixture for an Arkansas-based manufacturer of industrial filtration systems.  This past spring, their building was tragically leveled by a tornado.  As soon as they started to re-build, they came back to Cobb Tool for a new welding fixture.  Says Cobb Tool President Mike Edmonds, “Generally when we finish a fixture, I often feel like there are things that we could improve on or do better. In this situation, we had that opportunity.”

In spite of that commitment to continuous improvement, the customer would have none of it.  His perspective was that the fixture ran flawlessly for seven years, and he wanted that to be the case with the new one. Even with Mike Edmonds’ persistent poking and prodding on areas of improvement, the customer’s programmer insisted “Just make it exactly like the last one.”

Cobb Tool delivered and the fixture is back in operation in Arkansas.