Customers sometimes ask me about our warranty. It’s almost funny, my response is usually sort of a blank look. The fact is, I just don’t think much about warranties. My attorney and accountant probably wish I would. There probably are legal and profit ramifications. But the fact is, we just don’t get any warranty claims. That’s not to say our fixtures don’t sometimes require modifications or repairs when they are delivered. But if there are problems, they tend to be obvious immediately when the fixture is put into use in the first few weeks of operation.  And we always address those problems immediately. We consider ourselves partners with our customers and work with them to make sure we deliver what we’ve promised. That is usually the end of required support. We’ve had fixtures in place five, ten, 15 years and more. My point here is that we stand by our work and our work doesn’t require a warranty, just the replacement of an occasional worn part.