Often customers who design their own parts send their prints to multiple machine shops, seeking the cheapest pricing. This is a time-consuming process for the customer, and even more so for the machine shops quoting the work.

Ironically, this low-bid process does not always produce the best results – neither in quality control and more often than not in truly being low cost. The cheapest shop often doesn’t do the best job – resulting in rework, delays and waste. Ultimately, low cost bidding reduces innovative thinking and streamlined approaches.

Many of Cobb Tool’s customers have abandoned this time- and money-wasting process. They have come to trust that Cobb Tool consistently provides competitive pricing, not always the cheapest, but always a good value.  They have come to expect high-touch customer service and creative approaches to work. They value the experience we bring to meeting their needs – on spec, on time and on budget.

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