This system, developed and taught by Dr. Lisa Lang, literally changed our business and our ability to respond to our customers’ needs.  Based on the Theory of Constraints and the Drum Buffer Rope scheduling concept, Job Shop Scheduling is the process of deciding which jobs should run in which order to optimize on-time delivery and shop productivity. This system was developed for highly complex custom job and machine shops because they struggle with:

  • Clients who change their minds
  • Vendors who aren’t always reliable
  • Mix that can vary wildly and moving constraints
  • Employees who do not always have the right skills and whose discipline is lacking
  • Processes that are not reliable
  • Machines & tools that break
  • Quality that is not perfect
  • Data that is not readily available nor accurate nor communicated
  • And, communication between silos that is difficult

This approach is a game changer.  We’d strongly recommend that you check this out for more information: