Sometimes customers just need a single piece of tooling to use in their manufacturing process – or a replacement for an existing part that has become worn. They may have the original and if we’re lucky, they also have a drawing of the part. What they are missing is a machine shop that can duplicate the part. But, there’s no wiggle room. Literally, the duplicate tooling needs to be nearly identical to the original so that it can be installed on the customer’s machine and provide like-new service.

Recently Cobb Tool took on a project like this with a one-of-a-kind part featuring a number of unique angles and features. It would have been a perfect candidate for traditional CNC machining, but the set-up time would have been cost prohibitive.  Instead, Cobb Tool duplicated the tooling to perfection on its Prototrak CNC Milling center using downloaded CAD data provided by the customer.