We have a great team.  We like and respect each other and the skills, experience and passion each of our staff brings to the workplace.  We invite you to learn a little more about us so we can help you better.



As Cobb Tool’s president, nothing is more important to Mike than exceeding customer expectations and delivering innovative, cost saving and need-based solutions.

Mike oversees all of the internal and customer-facing activities of Cobb Tool – from people and equipment investment and strategic planning to project efficiency, process planning and customer interface.  He brings a career of manufacturing expertise to the table in helping meet Cobb Tool’s customer needs. He has hands-on in-shop experience and a never-ending interest in bringing best-in-class operational practices to bear to solve customer challenges.

At Cobb Tool, Mike has surrounded himself with an experienced team creating innovative and cost-saving solutions to customer problems, along with outside market experts to help make sure he is bringing smart out-of-the-box thinking into every customer interface. Mike is energized by meeting prospects and working with customers to understand their needs and developing products that meet schedule, budget and specification expectations.

For close to two decades, Mike has continued to build Cobb Tool. He loves the camaraderie of the organization, enjoys challenges and loves new tech. Most of all, he just flat out likes making products and processes that work!

While Mike is rarely not working or thinking about work, he and his wife Stephanie enjoy the company of their two rescue greyhounds, Travis and Herman, travel with friends and family and enjoy their Atlanta home.


Engineering Manager

With more than 20 years of practical experience and a mechanical engineering degree from Southern Polytechnic, Dan Ryll, our engineering manager is up to the challenge and guides the Cobb Tool design operation. Dan’s approach is to be customer-centric. He feels customer involvement in the design process can’t be overstated. The customer understands their own processes and needs, so he takes them into consideration at every step of the development process.


Dan is also an invaluable resource when we’re making machined parts to customer print. If a machinist has a drawing question, Dan can help them interpret the drawing without bothering the customer.  But, if something is unclear, or if he sees a less expensive way to achieve the customer’s goal, Dan is quick to help solve the problem, or propose the improvement to our customer.


Dan started out as a fabrication / welding engineer at a multi-national construction equipment manufacturer. He learned firsthand what it’s like on a shop floor. He knows the variables that production customers face. He understands that employees have a broad range of training and experience, so his designs are simple and straightforward. He knows that durability is critical. He gets that weld shops are harsh environments – full of dust and dirt, imperfect parts and welders with hammers.


Dan enjoys the variety of options Cobb Tool can provide whether that involves following long-established customer processes or tailoring new ones that maximize customer investment.


When not in the shop or with customers, Dan enjoys being in his boat and water skiing and fishing with his two children and wife, or in the mountains – basically anywhere in the great outdoors.


Shop Foreman

Greg serves as shop foreman. He has forty years of experience as a machinist / tool maker, thirty of them at Cobb Tool. This experience is invaluable in determining ways to help customers save costs and develop innovative solutions. Greg was instrumental in implementing the scheduling system which has been key to on-time customer delivery.

As shop foreman, Greg is responsible for scheduling, determining material needs and quoting future jobs. He also takes seriously the role of mentor to younger or newer employees. He feels bolstering their skill levels will deliver customer product quicker, with more accuracy and at a cost savings. He is extremely proud of the products produced at Cobb Tool and does everything he can to ensure customer satisfaction.

Outside of work, that’s where Greg is, outside.  He and his wife, Donna, love to ride his Harley, garden, and play with their miniature schnauzers, horse and donkey.


Office Manager

Clients and vendors appreciate Sue’s warm and gracious demeanor, and the fact that she always goes the extra mile with respect to their projects and addressing their concerns. Fellow Cobb Tool employees also appreciate these qualities especially the support Sue provides that allows for on-time delivery of product to the customer.

A native of New York, Sue moved to the Atlanta area in the mid 1980s and began her career as an office manager in the wholesale distribution field. Having grown up with five brothers, she is very comfortable keeping Cobb Tool’s predominantly male staff on task and ensuring deadlines are met. She has a fend-for-yourself, help-in-any-capacity-you-can, get-it-done attitude that benefits both customers and Cobb Tool alike. She handles the mountains of paperwork, accounts payable, accounts receivable, customer service, purchasing of materials and other aspects of smooth business operation for Cobb Tool with superhero strength.

When she’s through with work, Sue likes spending time with her husband, James and their adopted dogs, Valentine and Izzy.



Having spent many years selling CAD software, Jeff has learned a lot about many products and manufacturing processes. As principal of the Fabrication Group of Georgia, Jeff serves as Cobb Tool’s sales engineer. He uses his broad knowledge to supply a range of services to our customers. Like every good salesperson, Jeff is driven to make customers happy.  But he knows they will only be happy if he sells them something they really need. As a result, his approach is to work with customers to evaluate their needs and then decide how Cobb Tool can best meet those needs.

Living in Atlanta, Jeff is a big Georgia Bulldogs fan. He enjoys cooking along with his wife, and helping her with projects including their parrot, dogs, and cats.



With more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing, Tony has worked as an engineer in product development, designed automated assembly lines and filled a variety of engineering functions. He has several patents to his credit and is proud to have been able to build a successful sales company, SalesAria.  With this experience Tony serves as a project consultant to Cobb Tool’s customers – much more than a typical sales person.

As a sales professional, he believes in focusing on partnership and providing solutions. In Tony’s view, “Anyone can provide a quote. But to bring experience and go the extra mile to find value for your projects can mean far more to your bottom line than the lowest quote.”

A resident of Columbia, SC, Tony enjoys his family, photography, hunting and competitive shooting.  He also takes his civic responsibility seriously and is active politically on issues that are important to him.



As executive assistant to the president, Marie touches almost every area of Cobb Tool’s business.  She helps manage cash flow, insurance and job costing as well as marketing and lead generation.  While these can seem like back office tasks, Marie knows that if Cobb Tool is a healthy, well-managed company, we’ll be able to effectively serve our customers for many years to come.

Marie’s background prepared her well for her varied and often changing responsibilities.  She owned a number of small businesses, retail – no less, so she knows that customers are the lifeblood of a business.  She’s worked in law offices, managed accounting departments and served as assistant to the Dean of a university.  In Marie’s own words, she “bounces well” which shows in her willingness to tackle any challenge.  That is a point-of-view shared by everyone at Cobb Tool.

In addition to working, Marie takes care of her granddaughter Eliza, and spends time with her husband Marc and adult children Benjamin and Amanda.  Her newest hobby is stenciling using a Cricut machine.  (Ya gotta Goggle it)

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